Founded in 2010, we are a company dedicated to the field of telecommunications, mainly aimed at offering GPS/GPRS services. We have the best solutions in: GPS Satellite Tracking and location, monitoring, logistics, telemetry and custom developments. All our products can be controlled remotely via the INTERNET.

We have the most complete and efficient technology on the market which is designed for large corporations, government, SMEs and individuals.

We collaborate closely with our clients in the development of tools adapted to their operations and needs, currently providing comprehensive service solutions to the Logistics, Administrative, Shipping, Oil, Waste, Machinery, Freight Providers and Diagnostics sectors.

Formed entirely with its own capital, it provides its services based on added values, becoming the most reliable channel for customers to access guaranteed quality products and services, with advice and personalized attention, we provide a differential proposal, generating logistics solutions. , Control and Satellite Security for the Mexican Market.

That makes us different?

We are more than a company that provides monitoring and location services: We are a key productivity and competitiveness tool for companies. We have experience in numerous industries such as: Freight transportation, passenger transportation, hydrocarbons, removals, logistics, construction, mass transportation, paving, towing services, trailers, ambulances, gardening and government agencies among other industries.

We have our own team of expert developers and professionals of the highest quality, in addition to important strategic alliances with manufacturers of satellite tracking equipment, digital cartographers, wireless data providers, among others. We are known for providing customized solutions to the specific needs of our clients, combining our powerful software with the latest technology platforms, which makes us leaders in the industry.